Superior Seals Vacuum Storage Bags Review

Compress & Store 20 X 28 Inch M- Superior Seals Vacuum Storage Bags (80% More Storage Than Leading Brands) Free Hand Pump For Travel! (5 Pack)

Compress & Store 20 X 28 Inch M- Superior Seals Vacuum Storage Bags (80% More Storage Than Leading Brands) Free Hand Pump For Travel! (5 Pack)

Product Features

  • •5 VACUUM STORAGE BAGS: our roll-up compression bags – Medium (20 x 28 inches). Storage bags with new extra durable and more flexible material PA+PE. Designed to increase storage space, make packing efficient, organize and to save a lot of space and store your clothes neatly and easily.
  • •WATER & AIR TIGHT DESIGN: Permanently prevents air and water out of the compression bags to keep your duvet, bed sheets, towels, blankets, and more! Save more than 100% space and suck all the air out by simply putting the clothes or towels in the space saver organizer and roll to shrink.
  • •ANTI-MICROBIAL: You don’t have to worry about the long-term effects of storage in an this space bag. The Transparent poly nylon vacuum pouches protect your clothes and personal items from odors, bugs, dust, moths, water, insects, dirt and lock out moisture.
  • •REUSABLE. Made of is soft and durable plastic for reusable storage and packing clothing storage, towels, blankets, quilts, curtains, duvets, sheets, winter clothes and pillowcases at home for seasonal storage.
  • •PREMIUM QUALITY: The valves and seals used for this vacuum compression bag makes it totally reliable and meets all the specifications for a perfect compression bag. The sleek design of the outer body makes it convenient to store. Total satisfaction guaranteed with lifetime warranty!

Product Description

Our vacuum storage is made of premium PA+PE material with extended durability. The anti-moth and anti-bug material leave clothes in the same condition as when you put them after long storage of duvets, blankets, quilts, pillows, curtains, clothes and more.

Secure Storage

The durability of this Vacuum Compression bag ensures that it can withstand anything thrown at it. The anti-mold and anti-mildew features keep your clothes safe for a minimum of One year – just as it is when you store the clothe. The compression bag is not affected by any form of moisture or dampness.

Just the Right Size

Includes: 5 MEDIUM (20 x 28 inches), 5 LARGE (24 x 32 inches) and 5 JUMBO (30 x 40 inches) space saver storage bags. Extends to jumbo size which allows the entry of anything into the bag. This expansion allows for the entry of your big duvet or blankets or any material you desire to take in it.

Double Protection

This Vacuum Compression Bag is the unique double-zip seal. The design keeps out air molecules without the penetration of odor and moth. This along with the triple-seal turbo valve gives you the air-tight and roll up storage to remove all air.

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Superior Seals Vacuum Storage Bags

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