NYB Peppermint Essential Oil Review

Another addition to my ever-growing essential oil collection, NYB Peppermint Essential Oil is exquisite. The minute you open the bottle it smells like christmas.. sweet and minty and just goodness.

Peppermint essential oil is regularly used for mental clarity, an energizing effect and for decongestion properties. I use it in my diffuser for sheer wonderful aroma and energy. It really works. In fact, I filled my diffuser and added several drops of this peppermint oil and after an hour, had to empty and refill it with lavender to bring myself back down. I had gotten a bit nervous due to the influx of energy the peppermint had given me.

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NYB Peppermint Essential Oil Review

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I also use it for clearing my chest and lungs at night while I sleep. I simply put a smaller dose in my bedroom diffuser and my breathing reaps the benefits.

This oil came in the standard 1 oz(30 ml) amber bottle to keep out light and prevent breakdown of the oil and included a nice glass dropper with it. The was also an expiration date so you always have the freshest product. It is 100% pure and natural and contains an outstanding 10% Mentha Furan, making it one of the best oils on the market today.

NYB Peppermint Essential Oil

Many people use this for relief from stress, depression and mental exhaustion due to its refreshing nature, while I choose to use it for its therapeutic properties and amazing aroma. It also blends well with other essential oils including eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon and marjoram, making the combinations and applications nearly endless. I love this NYB Peppermint Essential Oil.


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