Big Essential Oil Box Review

Got this awesome Big Essential Oil Box to store my oils in. I seem to have gotten a bit addicted to oils and was running out of places to store them. Then, along came this nifty box. I grabbed it up and haven’t looked back. This is just what I needed.

This is a quality pine box made just for essential oil storage. It protects your valuable oils from light exposure and damage and keeps them organized nicely. There is a metal latch to keep it closed and snug and secure for transport or travel and just to keep it secure around the house. The hinges allow for opening to 90 degrees for easy access, too.

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Big Essential Oil Box Review

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The Big Essential Oil Box holds up to 68 (5-15mL) bottles and 6 (10mL) roller bottles. I’m not that far into my addiction, yet, but that leaves lots of space for expansion. The case is also unfinished pine, leaving me the opportunity to customize it to suit my needs.

As a bonus, there is a sheet of color-coded bottle cap stickers to make it easy to identify your oils without removing them from the case. Also included are 25 handy pipettes for transferring oils from large bottles to smaller ones. Finally, there is also a nice bonus of the enclosed Aromatherapy EBook CD-ROM for learning and reference.

This is a fantastic and extremely useful case. I couldn’t be happier with it and would recommend it to any essential oil nut. like myself.

Big Essential Oil Box

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